CRISP: A Google Chrome
Automated Testing Plug-in

CRISP is a Google Chrome extension for automated testing that generates test code and automates time-consuming operations in test development.

Our automated testing Google Chrome extension speeds up test development by replacing time-consuming manual operations with automated features. With CRISP, people working in QA, even those without significant QA automation experience, can create their own test code with all the actions and page objects they need.


CRISP helps overcome two important challenges in quality assurance automation:

  • QAA has many repetitive processes, which are both unengaging for test engineers and also leave room for human error. Using our automated testing Chrome extension, QAA engineers can write routine code with copy and paste operations when they’re developing tests. They can add new page elements, define their selectors, and add general verifications and other repetitive manual tasks.
  • There is a high entry threshold to involve manual QA engineers into QA Automation. With CRISP manual QAs can get started right away.

CRISP is now open sourced.

Download it from GitHub to get started
Why Crisp

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Thanks to their extensive experience in QA automation, our engineers developed CRISP using the Chrome DevTools Protocol and its easy-to-customize features.

This Google Chrome extension for automated testing allows users to:

Generate test code based on their initially defined patterns

Select a web element directly on the page

Assign test actions for a selected web element

Involve manual QA team members in test code development, even if they don’t have significant experience with QA automation


CRISP’s main features are its ability to:

Define patterns for page objects, actions, and verifications


Save elements with their locators and assigned patterns


Generate page objects


Generate test actions and verifications


Configure projects and their frameworks


Export and import saved data


Function offline

Crisp Benefits

Crisp Benefits

This next-gen Google Chrome automated testing plug-in was designed by and for QA automation engineers, so every feature benefits users in crucial ways. CRISP:

  1. Speeds up the test development process
  2. Can be used by QA automation engineers with any level of experience
  3. Provides easily maintained and customized patterns for each project
  4. Includes a default set of common patterns to start using right away
  5. Allows users to add patterns for page objects and actions to export and share between teams
  6. Can be applied to any project regardless of its applied test framework

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