Software Product Engineering

We build the core products and platforms that drive our customers’ businesses. Our experience in software product engineering allows us to create innovative software products that stay relevant as your business needs grow and change.

Software Product Development

From large-scale enterprise software platform development to popular mobile applications, Exadel has a team of experts that can execute projects at scale.

Enterprise Platforms

We build entire platforms for fortune 500 companies that serve as the basis for the enterprise software products they use internally and sell on the open market

Software Ecosystems

Customers turn to Exadel to build the ecosystems their businesses rely on — from comprehensive eHailing solutions to eCommerce Marketplaces and everything in between

Software Products

Companies that sell software B2C rely on Exadel to develop market-ready solutions that bring revenue and growth

Our Software Product Development Services

Whether your company has an idea for a new product, or you have an existing product that needs some serious reworking, our team of specialists can step in to offer software product development services that will open new doors for your business.

Development from Scratch

Development from Scratch

We’ll take your new software idea and turn it into a reality through our end-to-end software product development process

Legacy Migration

Legacy Migration

If it’s time to update your existing product with new technology or move to the cloud, Exadel has the experience and expertise to help

Product Support

Product Support

Our expert support team can help you maintain the great software you’re already running, leaving you time to focus on new business innovations

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Product Development Process

As Forrester-recognized leaders in Agile, we help our customers create software products that meet their needs and respond to the market. Depending on your project, we will cover some, most, or all the steps here:


Proof of Concept (PoC)

We’ll help you determine the technical feasibility of your project so you can make the right decisions prior to investing more time and resources



Our team will develop some aspects of your software product so you can collect valuable feedback before introducing it to the market


Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Exadel experts will help you quickly get your product to market with a limited range of features — setting you up to grow your customer base, revenue, and offerings



Through our Agile development processes, you’ll decide which features are most important for your target audience and we’ll deliver them incrementally so you always have working software to engage your users

Why Exadel

Why Us

Although the majority of our software product engineering experience revolves around building products on behalf of our customers, we’ve always created our own developer tools and products as well. Our team knows what it takes to ideate, create, and iterate a product.

From our first framework that came out in December 1999 to the latest release of Exadel CompreFace facial recognition service this year, we are continuously working on our own solutions, which give us unique insight into the experience of software product engineering.

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Clients Solutions

For nearly two and a half decades, our customers have relied on us in software product development. Here are just a few examples of our work:

Web-Based Travel Booking Solution

Web-Based Travel Booking Solution

Our specialists created an online travel booking solution that enables customers to find the travel packages they need.

Software Suite for School Photo Services

Our team of experts built a set of applications for school photography that enable families to order and edit school picture day photos automatically.

Software Suite

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