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Marketing technology (or MarTech) is the element of modern websites and portals that provides the unique and effective experiences that promote your brand and drive sales. Our technology experts work hand in hand with your marketing team to help them get the most out of the software and platforms that underlie your digital marketing strategy. We provide the custom digital marketing solutions you need to add content across multiple channels, integrate your existing systems, and get your site running perfectly for great user experience.

Marketing Technology Services

From back-end platform development and infrastructure services to legacy platform migration, we offer digital marketing services that modernize your website and unlock your marketing team’s full potential.

Full Cycle Development

We are a full-service digital marketing agency, so we can develop platforms and websites from scratch, ensuring that your website is set up correctly and it empowers your digital marketing team.


Legacy Migration

We migrate your old portals and websites to leading platforms such as Adobe Experience Cloud or WordPress to ensure that your content team can easily implement your marketing strategy.


Audits and Upgrades

We assess your existing marketing technology solutions and guide you toward a more effective or modern approach, without having to start from scratch.


Support and Maintenance

We offer on-going support, including QA automation and DevOps, to ensure that our clients’ solutions perform optimally and meet their digital marketing goals. We also provide a number of web publishing services to bridge the gap between your content creators and customers.

Our Areas of Expertise

For over a decade, we’ve provided the MarTech services that enable our customers to implement their strategies. Here are some of the key areas we cover:


Creating multisite and multi- language website versions for different regions, countries, and areas


Creating a unique experience for each visitor based on a range of criteria

Web Analytics

Integrating solutions to track metrics that provide actionable insights on traffic sources, customer journey, and engagement


Integrating a variety of services for form management, chat solutions (including chatbot), phone number validation, and video


Making sure that the site works well under a variety of circumstances to retain customers


Helping achieve better SEO results by correctly designing and building sites


Developing sites that are available to customers with special needs


Testing site vulnerabilities through security and penetration testing

Testing Automation

Providing solutions and approaches to quickly and automatically test complex UI


Implementing the right DevOps infrastructure combined with software to ensure minimal down time, high performance across your entire site, and all expected functionality


Designing and developing responsive sites that provide fast, modern, and interactive experiences, seamlessly displaying animations, graphics, videos, and other content

Content Management

Providing the capability to create, manage, and deliver your content to various devices and channels through content management systems

Talk with our experts to improve your site?

Talk with our experts to improve your site

CMS & Web Experience Platforms

Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud

Our experts will help you get the most out of Adobe Experience Manager, the industry leader in end-to end user experience. We’ll help you optimize AEM solutions for your specific needs, giving you seamless data management, personalization, orchestration, content management, email, campaign management, and all the other solutions AEM tools have to offer — at every one of your digital touchpoints.

Certified Experts

Certified Experts We have Adobe-certified experts in AEM, including architects, developers, and business practitioners



Our experts will help you go well beyond the functionality typically leveraged by a site built with WordPress. We’ll help you create a modern and intuitive UI/UX with fully dynamic content that you’ll be able to change and adjust according to your needs. To display your content, we’ll create custom components and templates with various layouts to give you the flexibility you need to express your message. We’ll also integrate your site with 3rd party services providing analytics, personalization, form management, and many others, so you can perfect customer experience and engagement to drive leads and sales.


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Our Marketing Technology Solutions

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Exadel Toolbox for AEM

Exadel Toolbox for AEM is our comprehensive toolbox for Adobe Experience Manager. Our tools cover multiple aspects of AEM to accelerate the services we offer, improve the quality of our code and sites, and make the experience of using AEM more satisfying for the whole team.
More on the solutions in Exadel Toolbox for AEM

AEM Toolbox

Universal MarTech Solutions

We build solutions which maximize the effectiveness of industry standard platforms and can be applied to almost any website.
More on our Universal MarTech Solutions

Sharing our Expertise

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