Digital Adoption

Digital Adoption requires a balance between the people side and the technical side of change. Even the most high-tech tools, processes, and systems mean nothing if they’re not adopted by the people in your organization.


Exadel employees are experts in leading and supporting organizational change efforts and understand what it takes to help your team, division, or entire enterprise move through the change in a healthy and sustainable way. We work with your leadership team to help achieve buy-in through the development of change management strategies, so all your employees embrace and celebrate the changes that are being rolled out.

Our change managers carry with them the ability to blend their strong competencies in project management, program management, and change management, allowing for a more holistic and comprehensive approach to delivering digital transformation.

People & Digital Change Management

It’s common for an organization to focus its energy on making great digital solutions, and it’s important to balance that with a focus on the people who need to use them. That’s where we can help – we help guide your staff so they can understand these changes, the impact the changes have on the organization and themselves, and encourage them to participate and engage in the new work landscape.

Introducing New Technology

We help you implement new technologies or tools your people will use on a daily basis. This can include cloud enablement, software and data transformation, new versions of existing technology, and building entirely new platforms.

Reskilling or Upskilling

Helping your employees stay relevant in the modern workplace is essential after major changes to the way they do work.

Replacing Legacy Systems

Adopting new systems can be especially challenging in many of the current technology and data fields. We help you transform older systems and processes to the new way of doing work.

Our Digital Adoption Process

We are grounded in two primary change methodologies; however, we can leverage the entire suite of change management to ensure we are designing perfectly for your situation. We blend the best elements of Prosci and Kotter, two leading change management methodologies, to ensure adoption and manage resistance across your organization. All of our engagements are customized to our clients’ unique change stories and existing organizations to ensure that their impact will last long into the future. Our process usually includes the following phases:


We Learn About You

We will take the time to understand the norms of your organization, such as your communication tools, your organization structure and how you make decisions, past change efforts, and your organization’s strategic objectives.


Change Story

We sit down with your senior leaders to understand the change, how it will affect your organization, what will make the change successful, and how we will measure success.


Empowering leaders

We coach your executive sponsor & change leaders, ensuring that they have the tools and information they need to lead the change successfully.


Impact Assessment

Our experts carry out a number of assessments to establish a baseline understanding of the impact of the change, organizational culture, and develop a plan of action.


Stakeholder Analysis

Based on the change story and our baseline understanding of impact, our experts continue to build out the change journey through documenting who will be affected, the roles of key stakeholders, and a plan to mitigate resistance to the change.


Coordination and Alignment

We work with key internal and external partner methodologies such as project management and product management while ensuring that we align with the chosen implementation framework.


Communications Plan and Execution

We create a plan on how to communicate the change throughout your organization. This includes identifying all the communication channels necessary to promote the change.


Training Plan and Execution

We’ll work with your internal training department, your project teams, and your leadership to create a training plan, schedule, and materials that will help your people implement the change in their daily work lives. Whether it’s a change in process, a new tech solution, or a completely new way of doing business, your entire organization will know exactly what to do in the new reality you’re forming.


Change Management Sustainability

Having the perfect plans, training, and intentions can fall flat without a robust system of feedback and support. After the launch, we work with your leaders to make sure the change sticks. Our custom feedback mechanisms will interweave the new change into your existing systems, creating an intuitive way for your people to get the help they need moving forward.

Are you about to roll out a major internal tool, solution, or process?

We can help ensure that the change is a success.

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We’re Certified in Leading Change
Management Methodologies


Our experts are certified in Prosci and have expertise in implementing Kotter Principles of Organizational Change Management — two leaders in digital adoption solutions. We’ve implemented these powerful methodologies across numerous projects in a large variety of verticals.

Engagement Models

End-to-End Change Management Support

For businesses that are looking to implement a specific, targeted change, our certified experts will work hand-in-hand with your change sponsor to develop a custom digital adoption solution that works for your organization. From honing your change story to developing plans for implementation, training, and support, we’ll ensure that your people understand the benefits of change and celebrate the change along with you.

Change Management Center of Excellence

For enterprises that are constantly rolling out changes, we’ll create a Change Management CoE that helps your organization consistently benefit from the latest digital adoption practices. We’ll set up, manage, and continually refine a CoE within your existing company to ensure that it will work seamlessly with your existing people and processes.

Why Us

When you work with Exadel on digital adoption, you partner with people determined to ensure that the change is successfully executed. We are thorough when carrying out the change management process, seamlessly leading you through the industry’s best practices.

Our engineering teams have in-depth knowledge of the solutions we create for our customers. Combining our delivery expertise with change management consulting services means that your stakeholders and our change managers, project managers, product managers, and business analysts can collaborate to quickly develop rollout plans that account for everything — from your highest-level goals to the smallest details.

Why Us

Are you concerned your employees might not accept a big technology or process change?

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Clients Solutions

Office 365 Adoption

Office 365 Adoption

Exadel specialists helped a leading cancer research and care center move away from legacy systems and start using Microsoft Office 365 — a comprehensive cloud-based solution while establishing a new change management framework. Following the engagement, our customer developed a lasting culture of digital adoption.