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With over five years of expertise, we’ve been helping leading global brands create, enhance, and run their data privacy compliance programs. We assist our clients to comply with policies like GDPR and CCPA, while simultaneously increasing their overall brand trust.

Why Data Privacy Compliance
Matters to Your Organization

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect in mid-2018, paving the way for a host of regional data privacy laws. These policies make it clear that data privacy is now considered to be a fundamental human right. Failure to comply with data privacy regulations like GDPR can not only hurt your organization’s reputation, it can cost you millions of dollars.

Data privacy consulting

In order to protect your organization and the rights of your customers, you must be prepared to comply with an individual's right to:

  1. Access their personal data
  2. Delete their personal data
  3. Correct their personal data
  4. Opt-in or out of data processing
  5. Port their data
  6. Not be subject to fully automated decisions
  7. Know how their data is processed and shared

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Essential Areas of Data Privacy Compliance

Understanding how data privacy regulations impact your organization is key to compliance. Every organization must align corporate governance, internal programs, and vendor management in order to act within data privacy laws. With our seasoned experts by your side, we can help you understand the shortcomings of your current systems, create processes that ensure compliance, and even run them for you.


Corporate Data Privacy Governance

We engage with your legal team to establish the governance processes for maintaining compliance. This includes support in creating the policies and standards that will be carried out in your internal programs. We’ll help you bridge the gap between the law and your unique organization, turning legal requirements into actionable technical requirements for the engineers in your internal data privacy compliance program and ensuring your organization has the tools you need to monitor compliance.


Internal Program

Our experts work hand in hand with your engineering teams to ensure that all of your customers’ personal data is under control. We help you implement the requirements set out by the corporate governance team, plus build and run the technical solutions that enable data privacy compliance. Our processes and software will ensure you’re able to field rights requests, pass internal and external audits, and manage cookies and consent — shielding you from costly liability.


Vendor Management

Legal liability does not end with your organization — it extends to any third-party vendor that has access to your customers’ data. Exadel specialists work side by side with your vendor procurement team to hone your procurement processes. We help you set the standards for vendor contracts, making sure you have the right terms and conditions of service to cover your legal responsibilities and your customers’ legal rights.

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How We Engage with Our Customers

We assess, build, and operate in all three data privacy compliance realms: corporate governance, internal programs, and vendor management. We can help with any domain or cover the entire range, whichever you need.

1. Assess


Assessing your existing privacy processes, controls against privacy requirements, and existing internal policies.

2. Build


Creating or redesigning your process including end-to-end business process flows with controls, functional requirements, and a path-forward work plan. We can also include a vendor tool selection (RFP) process.


Creating your new data privacy process solution that integrates with your existing system.


Implementing your new process (with embedded controls) into your larger business operations. This includes managing change and process adoption through strategic communications with stakeholders and training.

3. Operate


As requests for data come in, our experts can operate your system, making sure that all requests are met and that they are compliant.

Monitor & Measure

Reporting on the operation of the privacy process, conducting controls compliance audits to ensure policy compliance.


Continuing to iterate your privacy process based on the functional/feature backlog, reported tool defects, audit results, stakeholder feedback, industry best practices, and new data privacy regulations.

OneTrust Certified


Our experts are certified practitioners in OneTrust, the leading data privacy platform. We help our corporate customers leverage OneTrust as the center of their data privacy compliance programs. As all corporations have a unique system for storing user data, OneTrust acts as a central technical hub for managing your data privacy compliance business processes. OneTrust becomes the “system of record” for your business; giving your company, the state, and your customers evidence of compliance.

Our Data Privacy Solutions

Public-Facing Solutions

Rights Request Management

We help you process requests to access and delete your customer’s personal data.

  • End-to-end solutions
  • Multi-channel communication systems
  • Custom self-service portals
  • Privacy impact assessments
  • OneTrust configuration
  • Reporting configuration
  • Solution rollout
Cookie/Consent Management

Our team helps you enable an individual to opt-in/out of processing their personal data in website cookies and marketing activities.

  • End-to-end consent management
  • Implement OneTrust Consent Management Platform (CPM)
  • OneTrust cookie and consent management implementation
  • Localized website cookie consent pop-ups
  • OneTrust preference center implementation
  • Integration of CMP with your existing backend
  • Implementation of cookie governance tools & processes
  • Inventory of website cookies used throughout your enterprise; identify and correct any issues

Internal Operations Solutions

Privacy Impact Assessment

Exadel specialists run the process of regularly auditing the data privacy compliance of all IT systems that store and process personal data at your company.

  • Implement the OneTrust Assessment Automation Module and integrate it into your existing infrastructure
  • Collect, refine, and load IT asset inventory into OneTrust
  • Integrate your existing asset inventory management system with OneTrust
  • Configure assessment templates
  • Configure IT asset risk rating, review, and mitigation process
  • Configure OneTrust reports and dashboards
  • Integrate OneTrust with your standard data reporting tools
  • Create custom OneTrust assessment training materials
  • Roll-out assessment with your IT staff
  • Operate and update the PIA process
Vendor Management

We’ll manage the data privacy compliance of all vendors that process your client’s personal data.

  • Implement the OneTrust Vendor Risk Management & Assessment Automation Modules
  • Collect, refine, and load your vendor inventory into OneTrust, giving you access to over 70,000 pre-populated vendor risk profiles
  • Load vendor contracts and engagements into OneTrust
  • Link your IT assets and your vendor inventory for compliance and risk tracking
  • Roll out additional Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) with vendors outside EU/EAA
  • Configure vendor assessment templates and risk ratings
  • Configure your custom vendor controls framework
  • Configure OneTrust reports and dashboards
  • Integrate OneTrust with your standard data reporting tools
  • Create custom vendor assessment training materials
  • Roll out the assessment with your procurement team and vendor contracts

Why Exadel

Why Exadel

We go well beyond data privacy consulting by creating long-term solutions that continually lower your compliance risk over time. Our engineers can integrate privacy compliance into your existing solution or build your entire site and back-end infrastructure from the ground up. We also have a full-fledged MarTech Practice and a Data & Insights Practice, which can both work with your leadership and marketing teams to help you get the most out of the data you collect.

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