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It is our passion to enable our customers to achieve game-changing organizational shifts using intuitive and efficient data solutions. We interact with customers at a human level, creating foundations for real transformation. We start with a business problem and go from there.

Data Consulting Services

Whether you’re looking to build a data strategy from scratch, or you’re seeking to expand your business intelligence platform or analytics tools, our experts are here to empower you to turn your data into meaningful action and insights.

And we’re more than just consulting — we’re our customers’ most trusted data partner. Together, we prioritize your needs as well as recommend the right mix of overarching enterprise data strategy work and tactical project execution to actualize a more innovative, data-driven culture for your organization.

Data Strategy

We listen first. We recommend second.

Our consultants help you get the most out of your data – bridging the gap between your current data capabilities and overall enterprise strategy. We don’t stop there. We assess your organization’s analytical maturity and relate it back to tangible outcomes, resulting in manageable steps for continuously incorporating data into the way you conduct business and make data-driven decisions. This translates to a higher return on your data investments. We show you how you can use data more strategically to see short and long-term gains. We bring the right resources to the table to deliver on the vision when you need additional support.

We get to value and results.

Platform Modernization

We meet you where you’re at.

A flexible, modern data platform is vital for business agility these days. Whether you’re focused on quickly making critical business decisions, improving data quality or simply enabling automated reporting, we partner with you to build the right foundation for your business. We apply our experience successfully deploying enterprise data platforms, data warehouses and analytic tools to position your team strategically. Our experts work with you to reimagine your analytics platform. We incorporate your unique set of outcomes and needs, giving you the capability to confidently implement or enhance your platform with the right balance of self-service, performance and scale.

We modernize strategically.

BI & Self-Service Analytics

We empower you to use data.

High-quality, timely information must flow seamlessly through a data-driven organization. Enabling self-service reporting and analytic capabilities are essential. Until people regularly see and use dashboards, data visualizations or analyses, upstream data investments are abstract at best. We put end-users front and center in the reporting and analytic development process, sharing in the responsibility of delivering and utilizing reliable, efficient data solutions. We make data consumable for all stakeholders. Exadel consultants don’t shy away from digging into your most fragmented data sources to create automated reporting solutions or rapidly standing up a data mart to improve the accuracy of operational KPIs. We take these on so that you can get back to growing your business.

We deliver action and insights quickly.

Data Science Program Enablement

We tackle data problems practically.

Combining industry knowledge with data science experts, we roll up our sleeves and ask the right questions of your data to speed up decision-making and increase the performance of your business. We work in an agile fashion to get to quick wins via data mining, predictive and prescriptive analytics. We craft machine learning models aligned to specific objectives that give you actionable insights. We also help stand up programs to bolster your internal analytics and data science teams to maximize their capabilities and potential. We can scale and empower your organization by handling everything from setting up the appropriate development infrastructure and collaboration tools to creating centralized feature stores and enabling citizen data scientists.

We make data science real.

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Partnerships & Certifications


We hold a number of Azure and AWS certifications including Data Science, Architecture, Data Engineering and Analytics. Our organization makes every effort to be continuously up to date on the latest standards and best practices.

Clients Solutions

Data Strategy

Data Strategy & Data Warehouse

We provided a data strategy that focused on data capabilities to improve organizational data maturity for a company that provides services to the US government. Our experts then delivered a data warehouse that took the first step towards harnessing the client’s competitive advantage with data by optimizing sales pipeline and contract performance.

Data Quality & Metadata Management

Our team built a Data Quality Framework that enhances customer experience and provides insights to leadership by proactively identifying data quality issues and preventing streaming assets to be uploaded with missing information.

Data Quality

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