Cloud Application Development

For over a decade, our team of cloud software development specialists have been helping clients leverage cloud services to create modern reliable and scalable virtual resources. We create custom cloud applications and help companies securely migrate to the cloud.

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With our help, our customers improve their efficiency, data storage, workflows, and communication, ultimately increasing the value of their work.

Cloud Migration Services

Our cloud migration services are digitally engineered to combine the security and scalability you need to take your on-premise system into the future.

Cloud Application Development

We build applications that are designed to be maintained by cloud infrastructure and help development teams design apps with consistent experiences.

Cloud DevOps Services

We have extensive experience in the implementation and use of DevOps tools from leading cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP), and we are certified experts in implementing Cloud DevOps Services.

Hybrid Cloud Development

We increase stability and availability, analyze current architecture, provide architecture based on best practices, and optimize costs for unused resources.

Cloud Solutions for Big Data

We work with Big Data-focused customers and help them implement cloud computing to solve their problems and reduce infrastructure support costs.

Cloud Consulting Services

We don’t expect you to have all the answers. That’s why we’re here to help. We can help you assess business value and plan how you’ll meet your cloud needs with our elite group of engineers and project managers.

We help our clients:

Cloud Development
  • Build systems that take advantage of web-scale microservice architectures
  • Deploy advanced systems into cloud and cloud-hybrid environments
  • Automate testing to deliver business value sooner
  • Evolve quickly with Agile-based software development methodologies
  • Get their ideas to market before the competition

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As an experienced cloud development company, we are ready to help you find the best approach for your project and provide high-quality service.

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Clients Solutions

Working with clients on the vanguard of cloud computing has built our knowledge base and made us a top software provider. The following case studies demonstrate the depth of our cloud experience.

Time Tracking App

An Employee Time Tracking App for a Consulting Firm

One of the largest human resources consulting firms in the world turned to Exadel to increase its employees’ productivity. Exadel built an ML-powered mobile application that extracts information and understands what kind of message the system received.

Taxi-Hailing App for an Online Provider

Exadel created a mobile taxi app for both riders and cab drivers. The app connects users to taxis in 65 U.S. cities and ensures a fast and safe riding experience.

Taxi-Hailing App