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As a leading big data and analytics solution provider, Exadel helps companies collect raw data from miscellaneous technology systems and transform it into actionable insights. We create smart big data solutions for customer journey mapping, data warehousing, equipment maintenance, automatic tax calculation, and more. We’ve worked with companies across a variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, eCommerce, retail, HR, and information technology.

In addition to developing big data and analytics solutions, we offer robust big data consulting services to assist our clients in choosing the right technology stack and tools and benchmarking IT system performance.

Our Big Data and Analytics Solutions

Big Data Ingestion

We help businesses to increase the efficiency, speed, and accuracy of their systems by building extendable data ingestion modules. Data ingestion allows to pull and process data from various internal and external sources and build the data store with all this data consolidated and ready for analytics.

We create clear ETL code, where we pick the data from sources (DBs, csv/parquet and mdl — something like cache over parquet), calculating the metrics and writing data to targets (csv/parquet mostly). Some sub-projects are event-based, some are scheduled only. To drive the process, we are using Airflow, AWS SQS and AWS Lambda. The data amount per process is 5-60G.

Big Data Processing

Our team will help you standardize and transform the data from different sources into a more readable format, giving it the necessary form and context using leading technologies like AWS SQS, Kafka, RabbitMQ and Spark.

Data Lakes

We develop data lakes that provide complete data storage for structured and unstructured data in a flexible way. We use the Data Lake built over csv/parquet files, and a self created framework called mdl which allows us to create cached data over parquet (that might be useful for fresh data) for processing and reprocessing.

Data Warehousing

We leverage our enterprise application integration, cloud computing, and DevOps skills to design data storage and analytics solutions with advanced reporting capabilities. Our specialists will make sure that your newly built BI tools display data effectively and work seamlessly across platforms. readable format, giving it the necessary form and context using leading technologies like AWS SQS, Kafka, RabbitMQ and Spark.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Our specialists will help you choose the right tool (e.g. Tableau, Power BI, Cognos Analytics, Microsoft Business Intelligence Studio) to meet your business requirements and to share actionable insights. We will make sure that the licensing strategy is cost-effective and fits into your company's structure.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We leverage the power of AI to give businesses deep insight into real-value data. Our data scientists will help you to choose the right Machine Learning pipeline, train ML modules based on proper KPIs, perform data assessments, and experiment with a number of Machine Learning algorithms and data preprocessing techniques in order to build baseline models.

Intelligent Content Processing

We harness Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to extract actionable insights from text, images, and video. We train custom ML models on clients’ data, plus offer open-source content processing solutions that can be integrated with your IT system via APIs.

Exadel can fine-tune your systems to incorporate critical data and analytics solutions to ensure effective resource utilization, full transparency, innovative business models, and data monetization.

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Clients Solutions

Chemical Data Aggregation

Chemical Data Aggregation

Exadel developed a solution that aggregates data on various types of chemicals. The information includes measurements, pricing info, and literature references, which are valuable both for commercial and academic purposes.

Data Analytics Solutions for TV, Press, and Digital Platforms

A solution that combines services for analyzing, planning, and forecasting the placing of advertisements on TV. The solution is used both by advertisers and customers who want to determine the advertising cost and revenue.

Data Analytics Solutions for TV, Press, and Digital Platforms

Audience Insights Platform

Crafting a data science model used for user data analytics to help companies generate better content for their audience. The solution allows our client to analyze and compare data provided both by users and providers.

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Audience Insights Platform
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