Agile Transformation Services

We help organizations become more flexible, self-organizing, collaborative, and responsive. If you have an existing Agile strategy or initiative, our Agile experts are here to build on your knowledge and corporate culture to help you thrive in an ever-changing world.

Comprehensive Agile Transformation Services

Our Agile Transformation Services can focus on one location or apply a regional approach to assist you with any cultural gaps in your communications and training approaches.

Agile Product & Portfolio Management

We help you make your initiatives a reality by gathering inventory, prioritizing, and managing multiple products. Lean on our years of Agile experience to bring your organization to the next level.

Full Spectrum Agile Training

Our team builds upon your desired Executive, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Crystal, SAFe, ART, and other Agile project management methodologies to help you and your organization become a top-functioning team.

Agile Assessment & Recommendations

Utilizing online Agile assessments, surveys, interviews, and many years of experience, we gather the information necessary to provide expert Agile transformation consulting services and help execute your strategic plans.

Agile Teams and Agile Roles

Agile Transformation Consulting

Partner with our team of world-class Agile Coaches, Agile TPMs, Scrum Masters, Project Managers, and other leadership roles to work directly in your teams and organizations. Our Agile experts will help you build your plan for the perfect insertion that will bring about change at every level of your company.

Agile Solution Delivery

We bridge the gap between your organizational aspirations for Agile project management and the delivery of your portfolios, programs, and projects. We examine your existing delivery processes and establish, rebuild, or implement them through Agile best practices and methodologies. No matter how mature your existing systems and workflows are, Exadel can optimize them for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
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Agile Release Engineering

Our team knows you need to have a controlled pull on integrating Agile and Waterfall practices. We can put the right resources in place to help you prioritize tasks and prevent conflicts as you transition to Agile.

Agile Communication Plan and Knowledge Base Creation

As part of our Agile Transformation Services, we provide you with a solid communications plan for project management, operations, and executive administration. We can assist in improving and automating strategic and operational numbers to get the most current and relevant information about your teams into your hands. Our Agile experts can also help you build out your operational content library and standard operating procedures so your employees always know what’s going on.

Agile Approach Implementation

Agile Marketing

Exadel works with your Marketing Division to develop its Agile initiative and transform data and analytics into actionable marketing insights as quickly as possible. Our Agile experts can help you run faster test deployments, evaluations, and rapid iterations by aggregating hundreds of campaigns to iteratively adapt your Agile solutions to ever-changing customer environments. We’ll transform your growth and retention efforts into a collaborative, high-speed machine.

Agile MLE, AI, Data Science

Exadel can help you merge Agile philosophy into your data science practices. Building the first, encouraging a fail-fast iterative mindset, fostering collaboration, and planning flexibly will link your data science organization with the rest of your business’s Agile culture.

Agile Service Management

While Agile frameworks are usually marketed toward software development, we know the importance of aligning in-house and external practices to create consistent customer value in fast-paced markets, no matter the industry.

Agile Excellence

We build our business model around high-quality outputs because we believe that all organizations can drive growth through Agile best practices. Exadel can help build your Agile vision to deliver value. Once we have your cross-functional team established, we can assist with ongoing support and mentorship.

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Our Agile Transformation Process

We closely follow Agile transformation best practices to ensure that your organization can consistently deliver quality products and services. As the processes we introduce become more mature, your team will take the driver’s seat, and we’ll transition to a sustainment model that helps root an overall culture of Agile.

agile transformation process

Gather Agile Leadership and Excellence

We assemble an in-house coalition of people who understand both your company culture and Agile transformation practices to aggregate their shared knowledge and create a group of evangelists for your overhaul.


Assess Agile Capabilities Through Interviews

Our team gets a full picture of your organization and its vision for software development, Agile marketing, data science, and machine learning through interviewing and assessing individuals in each area.


Define Shared Vision and Goals

Exadel experts gather targets, document problems, and see how they align with executive Big Bets. We produce one-pagers and charters that help your leaders create informed Agile solutions.


Create Agile Transformation Roadmap

We reduce planning friction by creating an Agile transformation roadmap that aligns with your current strategic goals. Your Agile strategy provides changes in small bites with three iterations, during which the team can test new approaches, increase Agile adoption, and readjust default behaviors.


Build Teams for Customer/ Business Value

Our Agile coaches work with each team within your organization to develop its independent identity and motivate the individual members toward immediate goals or large-scale projects. Your teams are empowered by developing t-shaped skills, becoming more self-driven, and joining an iterative and fail fast culture.


Establish Rhythm of Business (ROB)

We help your organization prioritize on-time Agile delivery, finding the right cadence for meetings and ways of working. We leverage our experience and outsider status to minimize drag and overhead by implementing Agile methods that help you manage time more wisely and effectively.


Standardize Ways of Working

Collectively, we create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS), standardized communications, and dashboards that give visibility into teams’ ways of working and develop trust between levels within your organization.


Fine-Tune your Agile Strategy

Following Agile transformation best practices, we pause at certain intervals and check in with the teams. We take this front-line insight and determine any adjustments for planning out the next push in maturation and operational changes. We’re also sure to build in rest periods and celebrate the wins to optimize team satisfaction and productivity.


Scale Your Agile Transformation Initiatives

Now that your Agile transformation culture has taken root, we scale it out with custom training for executives and middle managers on all your operational processes and tools. This will ensure that your Agile transformation is in line with initiative, product, and portfolio planning — keeping things on schedule and running smoothly.


Retrain and Sustain Agile Coaching

In order to ensure there is a lasting impact, we’re always available to help build upon our earlier work. Wherever it makes sense, our Agile transformation services can be applied to other organizations, divisions, or companies within your portfolio.

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Why Us

Exadel stands apart from other Agile Transformation Service providers by focusing on enhancing and improving your existing Agile processes, rather than mandating a methodology.

Benefits for Your Business and Customers

Faster Time to Market

We help you plan and refine your Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to make sure they get into the hands of end-users quickly — positioning them to be adapted and refined in response to your changing business needs and your customers’ preferences.

Effective Prioritization

We bring the right tools to help you manage intake expectations and project timelines. Our experts help you simplify and refine work to deliver against known targets, ensuring that what your teams produce is properly aligned with the priorities of your business.

Better Business Alignment

From the corporate strategy or Big Bet, all the way to the issue brought to the frontline, we’re here to help you realize the simplest possible structure, track execution, and align your organization based on themed targets.

Benefits for Your People

Pro-Company Culture

We work to integrate and build upon your existing company cultures, rather than imposing a new culture to meet Agile processes.

Employee Satisfaction

In all our engagements, we drive a higher degree of team excitement, a feeling of ownership and empowerment, and an overall morale boost, which helps with retention and satisfaction.

Self-Driven Teams

We teach your teams how to approach each stage from planning to release in a way that naturally leverages the skills, abilities, and interests of the individual members.

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Agile Alliance Corporate Members

Agile Alliance

As a certified Agile Alliance Approach member, Exadel is dedicated to continuously improving our knowledge and skills in all things Agile. Our membership in the Agile Alliance puts us in touch with colleagues from all over the world at a vast range of organizations and empowers our team to provide unmatched Agile Transformation services.

Clients Solutions

Transforming Processes

Transforming Processes for a Healthcare and Technology Company

Our team was brought in to help a healthcare service provider and technology company establish a long-lasting culture of Agile. We filled key roles in Agile processes and fundamentally redefined our customer’s way of producing software.