Agile Delivery

Our Agile delivery team bridges the gap between your organizational aspirations and the delivery of your portfolios, programs, and projects. We examine your existing delivery processes and establish, rebuild, or implement them through Agile best practices and methodologies.

We can get you started from scratch or help you to refine your existing processes to get the absolute most out of our Agile delivery services. We work with organizations to achieve technical excellence in Agile, as well as customer and team satisfaction, all through the power of Agile.

Agile Delivery Services


Agile Process Setup

We work with your leadership to understand how Agile frameworks fit into your organization. After that, our Agile coaches will help your program managers, delivery managers, and project managers set up Agile processes like Scrum, Kanban, XP, and Hybrid. If needed, we’ll develop a custom methodology designed for your organization.


Data-Driven Delivery

Our Agile delivery team works with your senior leadership to help you choose the right metrics and design a system to gain insight into the agility of your organization, including portfolios, programs, projects, and people. Then, our Agile delivery experts will implement a metric gathering system to provide the relevant reports, dashboards, and monitoring so your leaders have the right insights to make informed, data-driven decisions.


Technical Agility

Being organizationally Agile is nothing without software products that have the technical agility to respond to your business and the market. We assess everything from your development pipeline, your code quality, frameworks, QA, QAA, and DevOps to see how they align with your overall Agile strategy. We can then implement the necessary changes that ensure your organizational agility is reflected in your technology.


Agile Leadership

We provide a number of Agile-certified leaders that can run Agile delivery services across a range of disciplines. Our Agile delivery experts specialize in software development, test engineering, and Agile DevOps, as well as Scrum and program management.


Agile Training

Our certified Agile coaches can conduct various standard Agile training courses or develop custom training for your organization or team. We cover all relevant areas, including development, QA Automation, DevOps, and Agile processes.

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Forrester-Recognized Leaders in Agile


Forrester, a top independent research firm, ranked Exadel as a Leader, with the strongest current offering across 13 mid-size Agile service providers, in a recently released report entitled The Forrester Wave™: Midsize Agile Software Development Service Providers.

Agile Delivery Solutions

Agile Assessment

Our Agile Assessment helps identify the strengths and areas for improvement of your business. Exadel Agile experts analyze the key ways you are implementing Agile frameworks and provide you with feedback and suggestions on each area of coverage.

Agile Process Facilitation

We create unique tools for Scrum Masters and project managers that facilitate Agile practices, helping them get the insight they need to improve your products and processes with every Sprint.

Agile Delivery Automation Frameworks

Our Agile delivery automation frameworks are collections of best-in-class tools that improve the software delivery process. The Exadel suite of Agile IT solutions set up projects correctly and automate individual processes, like testing and DevOps.

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We are Agile Certified

Through regular certification standardization from, all of our Scrum Masters hold at least Professional Scrum Master I certification. Additionally, many of our Agile experts have other qualifications, including Professional Scrum Master II, Professional Agile Leadership, scaled professional Scrum, and SAFe Agilist.


Why Agile Delivery Services

We devise a process for each of our clients to ensure that our enterprise mobile application development services cover their business needs.

Better Products

Better Products

  • Time to Market — with Agile frameworks we accelerate your ability to respond to market changes, and continuously deliver products that your customers want and expect.
  • Managing Changing Priorities — our Agile experts give you faster and more predictable releases every 1-4 weeks, which lets you pivot quickly whenever your end-users give you feedback.

Better Teams

Better Teams

  • Self-Managed Teams — with our Agile delivery services, each team is empowered to put the best people in the right places.
  • Employee Satisfaction — When people are empowered and challenged, they end up loving their jobs. Our Agile delivery teams regularly monitor satisfaction and make adjustments whenever necessary so that everyone is on board and producing to their full potential.

Better Alignment

Better Alignment

  • Efficient Client Feedback Loops — our Agile consultants will be in touch with you throughout every iteration, ensuring that we’re building what you envision and reducing overall risk.
  • Transparency — you’ll have a constant window into the progress of the Agile delivery pipeline, allowing you to plan accordingly, without surprises.

Clients Solutions

Agile Platform

MercerOS — A Technically Agile Platform for Development

Exadel helped Mercer build a unified platform that allows the company to create new apps with a library of common services and components. The platform gives Mercer the ability to respond immediately to market changes, knowing that its Agile technology will support any new initiative.