Enterprise Web Platform
Upgrade to AEM Version 6.5

The Exadel team initialized, led, and successfully conducted the upgrade of the customers enterprise platform to AEM 6.5.6.

About the Customer

The customer is a multinational enterprise information technology company that provides services to clients all over the world.


The platform was based on an outdated version of AEM, and the core support expiration date was approaching. This could make it impossible to get critical security and performance updates, as well as a lack of Adobe support in certain situations. This, in turn, could reduce the overall platform robustness and lead to major risks, disruptions, or even business losses.

The upgrade also enhances the system’s stability, performance, and supportability by significantly improving existing foundational features and introducing a number of new features. The new version provides system improvements that make in-place upgrades of AEM easier and faster, which is crucial for taking full advantage of upgrades on a regular basis and avoiding additional risks and costs.


The upgrading process followed the official Adobe migration guidelines. We worked together with the Adobe team to adapt the upgrade strategy, taking into account considerations specific to the customer’s project, such as complex platform infrastructure, deployment architecture, custom services, integrations, and complicated content structure.

The Exadel team handled the planning and analysis phases resulting in a project plan that covered the expected timelines for development and testing efforts, pre- and post-upgrade maintenance, and actual upgrade execution. The team focused on developing the codebase so that it would be compatible with the latest AEM version and content restructuring, including the Workflow Models/Instances/Launchers/Scripts upgrade, Tags migration, Cloud Settings and Cloud Services restructuring. The team also adapted the Multi-Site Manager Blueprint/Rollout Configurations in accordance with the latest AEM version requirements.

In the process of switching from the old version to the new version of AEM, there was a period of time when the old version was still live, and the new version was still being finalized before going live. Our customer’s publishing team regularly performs content updates, and during this switchover interval, would have needed to manually update both versions, essentially doing the work twice.

Our team created a custom tool, which we called “Implement Content Modification Script”. With the tool, the publishing team only had to publish content in the old version of the site and it would be automatically replicated and/or copied into the new version. The tool helped our customer to save quite a bit of time as they just needed to publish content once.

In addition, the Exadel team closely collaborated with the Adobe team, which was responsible for performing the AEM infrastructure upgrade, to ensure that the entire process went smoothly and with minimal risks.

Finally, our team organized the test plan that involved validating the upgrade, followed by rounds of user acceptance, performance, load, and security testing.


The transition to the latest version of AEM was completed seamlessly and without any noticeable issues. The newer version of AEM provided the teams engaged in the customer’s platform enrichment with access to up-to-date features and technologies along with extended AEM core product support.