Mobile App
for Financial Advisors

Exadel developed a mobile app for our client’s financial advisors that allows them to access customer-related information quickly and securely. The app is integrated with the customer’s internal subsystems and supports offline functionality.

About the Customer

Our client is a leading global company in the financial services and private banking sectors. It offers financial solutions in wealth management, investment banking, and asset management.


Our client needed to facilitate the work of it’s financial advisors by allowing them to access customer-related information as quickly as possible.


Exadel developed a mobile application for financial advisors.

The app contains all customer account and financial information. To parse the applicable account information, the app integrates with the client’s internal subsystems.

When building this FinTech app, Exadel initially chose to remotely control the corporate computer via iPads. When the development team refined its analysis, they decided to manage the web application through HTML/JavaScript housed on the iOS web viewer. The application then required additional security.

The app works seamlessly with corporate email and can access documents on corporate shared drives and download documents for offline usage. It also provides its own RSS viewer to show the client’s internal RSS feeds, making it a highly useful mobile app for financial advisors.


Several thousand globally distributed employees are plugged into one vast knowledge network. This enhances our customer’s ability to provide maximum value to its clients while streamlining data collection and documentation.