Enabling a Unified
DevOps Platform Migration

The Exadel team developed and implemented a strategy to migrate a large number of web resources into a single platform based on AWS services.

About the Customer


The Marketing Department of a large enterprise client had a large number of small static websites and simple web applications which were working in production and were not frequently updated. They were hosted on several platforms and multiple servers. They were difficult to manage and required several teams, including developers and system administrators, so maintenance costs were higher than necessary. Our main objectives were to unify the platform, keep the applications operating, have them all in a controlled reliable environment, and reduce operating costs.


Exadel developed a platform migration strategy to unite all these websites and applications into one platform by migrating them into the cloud and creating a centralized point of their operation and maintenance. Our DevOps architect created a detailed migration plan which included infrastructure, administration and access management, deployment, backup, and recovery, as well as all target non-functional requirements such as availability, performance, security, and ease of use. A team of two DevOps engineers successfully implemented the migration plan.


The Exadel team successfully migrated all 58 web resources into a single platform based on AWS services. After the migration was complete, the team needed for maintenance and support decreased from several teams of developers, administrators, and IT specialists to a single team of one DevOps engineer and a developer.