Top 6 AEM Best Practices for Delivering the Ultimate User Experience

There are several AEM areas on which effective project management and execution rests. We’ve collected useful tips and best practices for these AEM areas to improve your AEM strategy.

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How to Switch Between
AEM Environments and Modes

Ever wondered how to switch between different environments in Adobe Experience Manager? See how Exadel Environment Switcher for AEM solution can help.

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Viewing AEM Audit Log without ACS Commons

This article tells how to deserialize AEM Audit Logs to get a set of modified resources in case a user doesn’t have access to ACS Commons or wants to create their own logs processing tool.

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Sling RepoInit: a Handy Tool to Manage Content and Users in AEM

In this article we will talk about Sling Repoinit — a tool which helps pre-create users, groups, and content, as well as easily set up ACL permissions.

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A New, Easier Way to Switch Between both Environments and Modes

Developing web projects means you’ll be using multiple environments and sometimes multiple modes. This article explains why you’d use all those environments and modes and introduces a new Google Chrome extension that’ll help you easily switch between them.

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