Exadel Provides Healthcare Software Development Services to GHX

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For decades, Exadel has combined Agile software engineering with a product and platform development culture to build some of the most innovative solutions for our clients. We take immense pride in the digital products and platforms that we have created and we could not be more proud of our engineering team for adding their passion and dedication to every project they tackle.

We’ve worked with hundreds of brands over the years, and wanted to highlight some of our top healthcare & wellness software solutions in this blog series. Let’s jump into our GHX case study.

GHX taps into our agile healthcare solution to further extend its CoreX Platform

About GHX Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX) is one of the world’s largest healthcare supply chain companies and serves more than 6,500 healthcare providers, and 950 manufacturers and distributors across North America and Europe who rely on smart, secure, healthcare-focused technology and comprehensive data to automate their business processes and make well-informed decisions.

Problem GHX was looking to further grow its existing e-commerce platform. They needed highly available, reliable, more scalable, and supportable healthcare supply chain management software that would accommodate new opportunities between rapidly growing trading partners — i.e., healthcare providers, suppliers, and distributors

In addition to the challenge mentioned above, GHX was also looking to consolidate a range of systems and projects it had obtained in a recent wave of acquisitions just as work on this project began for Exadel.

Agile Healthcare Software Solution Exadel partnered with GHX in the development of CoreX, regarded as one of the most advanced e-commerce platforms in the healthcare industry. CoreX was built from the ground up, accommodating non-cloud and cloud-based access. CoreX was designed with a few key cornerstone attributes that would most resolve the current problems GHX was facing in mind. With these attributes in mind the CoreX was built around: Improved Usability over the Previous Platform, Expanded Reliability, Massive Scalability and Advanced Security.

We drew on our extensive healthcare software development services expertise and hands-on experience working with AngularJS, JavaScript, and MongoDB to create a platform with robust document processing, transaction, and routing capabilities. The agile healthcare solution is compliant with industry-specific security and auditing requirements. CoreX also provides a centralized and non-refutable message trail for all activities that occur in the system. With all of the data being safeguarded and encrypted when stored and secured in transit through CoreX.

Results of Agile Healthcare Solution Implementation CoreX currently allows 22,000 healthcare provider facilities and more than 10,000 healthcare suppliers and distributors to successfully conduct business digitally through GHX’s e-commerce exchange.

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