Frequently Asked

When you work at Exadel, you’re hired by our whole company, not just to work on a project. If your project happens to close, it’s our responsibility to find you a new one with the appropriate tech stack. We’ll likely ask you to help on internal or bench projects while we find the opportunity that fits you best. We also have additional opportunities in our Expert Group, where employees can lend their expertise to community projects.

Our hiring process includes three interviews: a recruiter interview, an internal technical interview, and typically an interview with a client. In the recruiter interview we evaluate soft skills and English language level. Most recruiter interviews last about 30-40 minutes. In the internal technical interivew, an expert will evaluate skills and general knowledge of a particular tech stack. Whenever possible, we try to involve developers from the team the applicant is applying for, so they can get as much information as possible about the future project. Internal technical interviews usually last about 60-90 minutes. The final stage of the interview process is the client interivew. This interview is conducted directly by a company client to evaluate whether or not the candidate is a good match for their project. This is also a good chance for candidates to ask any additional questions they may have. In most cases the Client interview takes about 40-60 minutes.

We have an entire education department dedicated to providing ongoing training for our employees. We offer technical and soft skills training to help with things like langauge skills and Scrum. We have communities of particular specialists who hold regular meetups to share knowledge and experience, as well as focused internal tranings to learn different technologies. We also have a range of internal projects that employees can join to improve their skills, practice new technologies, or even get experience with new positions.

In addition to regular work on projects, we have a range of other opportunities for professional growth. Employees are welcome to join an Expert Group, which is responsible for a number of internal processes — holding interviews with candidates, conducting assessments, holding trainings, guest speaking, etc. Employees are also welcome to join our mentorship program for junior specialists and students.

Our employees can apply for higher positions whenever they feel they’re ready to be evaluated. Employees let their HR manager know they would like to apply for a new position, and they’ll start with the promotion process. There are three main stages: 1. An English interview with an English teacher who will evaluate the employee’s general language skill level. 2. A soft skills interview with an HR manager to evalue the employees’ soft skills, according the requirements of the desired position. This evaluation also takes into account performance feedback that the employee received during the course of their regular work. 3. A technical interview with an expert to evaluate how well the employee’s technical skills match the position they are applying for. The technical interviewer will generally give feedback on areas where the employee can improve their skills. We do our best to avoid subjectivity by having several different experts conduct the technical interview. The entire promotion assessment process takes about two weeks.

All of our employees are expected to have at least intermediate-level English so they can communicate clearly and efficiently with our foreign customers. Specific higher positions that require more communication with foreign customers require an upper-intermediate English level.

We work on a flexible 8 hour daily work schedule Monday to Friday. This means that all employees are responsible for planning their own work days based on their meetings, calls, and other obligations. Employees are required to overlap at least 4 hours a day with their team, but besides that they are generally responsible for maintaining their own schedule. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our employees are asked to work from home. After the pandemic we will up update our WFH policy.

Our company has offices in countries around the world, and we offer relocation opportunities to our own offices, and in some cases to our customers’ offices. As part of our relocation services, we provide visa support as well as assistance with documentation for our employees and their families.

Our company has a bench, and the regular bench duration is three months. The bench duration may change, depending on the position and level of the employee. Employees on the bench are typically assigned to internal projects, Center of Excellence activities, and other opportunities where they can improve their skills and knowledge base. Employees do not have a reduction in salary while on the bench.

We’re always happy to take referrals from our current employees, and we do have a formal referral policy. Employees receive bonuses as a result of successful referals — the size of the bonus varies depending on the level of the technical specialist and the referral location, as well as other factors.

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