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Exadel is a software engineering company that delivers the digital platforms, products, and applications our clients need to run and grow their businesses.
Exadel is Growing

Exadel is Growing

We’re very excited to announce our recent acquisition of Coppei — a leading business management consulting firm based out of Seattle, Washington.

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Play the Internet of Think

A new quiz show from Exadel pitting software experts against each other for prizes and bragging rights.

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Big Data & Analytics

We consolidate approaches and architectures that capture, store, transform, analyze, and visualize large varieties and volumes of data.
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Product Engineering

We provide services across the entire product engineering cycle and use our extensive experience to build outstanding digital products that meet business needs.
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AI & Machine Learning

We examine existing products and processes to discover how modern AI/ML solutions can be applied to add value and make complex ideas a reality.
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Cloud Development

We cover the entire spectrum of cloud development capabilities and help companies to add value to their businesses with cloud-based software development solutions.
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Mobile Development

We provide expert business analysis, design, and development of mobile applications and provide further optimization and scale-up on demand.
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DevOps Services

We improve the software development and delivery process by bringing together the best tools, solutions, and practices that allow organizations to automate the continuous delivery pipeline.
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Quality Assurance

We provide personalized consulting services and apply industry best practices to ensure that software is developed and released with maximum usability and functionality and minimal bugs.
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Marketing Technology

We provide the customization our clients need to add content across multiple channels, integrate their existing systems, and get their sites running perfectly for optimal user experience and authority.
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UI/UX Services

We conduct user research, create wireframes and prototypes, and discuss navigational schemes and information architecture to ensure that our customers’ end products are valuable assets to their business.
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Content Marketing

We realize our client’s brand and marketing strategy through the creation of content across a variety of media and platforms and for every step of the buyer’s journey.
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AI & ML Services

QA Automation Services

We'll ensure your software is bug-free and production-ready

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Exadel Toolbox for AEM

A comprehensive set of our Adobe Experience Manager tools

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